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RM 100 worth of discount
vouchers for your customers.

Your Jumpstart voucher

Step 1

Your customers will discover your services on Chup.

Step 2

When they book for an appointment with you, they will be eligible for an RM5 voucher.

Step 3

When they arrive check for their voucher and give them an RM5 discount for your services.

Step 4

Chup will check on a weekly basis on the number of vouchers used via our booking system.

Step 5

We will pay you the weekly amount every following Thursday.

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Chup is for any business that entertains appointments at your shop. This would include, hair salons, beauty spas, cooking classes, vets and many more

By signing up with Chup during this promotion period, we will provide you with RM 5 vouchers for your customers for up to 20 customers. 

Any of your customers who books an appointment is eligible to get an RM 5 discount on their services with you. We will calculate the number of bookings within 30 days upon your sign-up and reimburse you RM 5 for each booking for up to a maximum of 20 customers. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and offer RM 5 off from your services to your customers on us.

Yes. Chup’s Jumpstart promotion is available until 31st of December 2021.

Listing with Chup is absolutely free! There is no registration or subscription fees involved by having your business listed on Chup.

We want to make it easy for you to manage customer bookings, therefore, our charging model is based upon bookings made by your customers. You will be charged  RM0.50 for each booking made by your customers. This amount will be drawn down from your topup credit with us. 

For as long as you top up your credit amount in Chup, then you can enjoy easy bookings with Chup. You can top up a minimum of RM10 at a time, anytime.