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Digital Devices

Every organisation requires visibility of the digital devices and software used by employees. LOFT is able to fulfil this need and at the same time eases the procurement process by automating the entire cycle from request to disposal.

LOFT is a platform that offers a simple yet powerful Asset Management capability of end user digital devices. This is done through the cycle of:



Keep track of every end user digital assets in a single place.

Visibility of who owns what devices (hardware, peripherals, software).

Reassign devices easily.


Know when to replace or retire devices (end of warranty, end of support).

Audit trail of every end user devices.


View digital devices expense report from a single department to the entire company.

Eliminate emails for management of end user devices.


Perform a full IT audit from the cloud.

Provide services to manage end user devices across multiple sites, including doorstep deliveries.

Supporting services

LOFT - Deployment Service

Devices staging (pre-install desired application), data migration, user training of new assets and temporary devices.

LOFT - Ordering & Administrative Services

Resources to manage procurement of equipment up until doorstep delivery.

LOFT - Leasing Programs

Financing solutions to manage device ownership and quick provisioning.

LOFT - Tech Support Services

Technical resources for equipment breakfix and repair.

Organisations face the following challenges

Without Loft

Process has too many steps.

Process is vague, and users don't know what to do.

Communication of the process is unclear.

Digital devices asset management with LOFT

Device lifecycle management As-a-Service

Example: LOFT Insights by department

Example: LOFT Insights by cost centre


100 Devices
  • Starting from minimal 100 devices per block
  • Insights
  • Device Lifecycle
  • Support


500 Devices
  • Starting from minimal 500 devices per block
  • Insights
  • Device Lifecycle
  • Acquisition Request
  • Procure
  • Delivery
  • Support


1000 Devices
  • Starting from minimal 1000 devices per block
  • Insights
  • Device Lifecycle
  • Acquisition Request
  • Procure
  • Delivery
  • Audit
  • Support

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