MB Cloud

Cloud Capabilities in Malaysia

MB Cloud is an in-country managed enterprise cloud that provides an optimised computing environment for customers to run production, disaster recovery, development and test environments or workloads with the lowest total cost of ownership.


Information Security Governance

Your corporate information and intellectual property are safe with us.

Access Management

We implement best practices in access control to ensure that only authorised users have access to your data and prevent access from untrusted sources and malicious attacks.

Data Protection

We provide proper security controls to manage audit trails for future reference and real-time detection of threats on monitored traffic.

High Touch

We have experts to guide you all along the way from setup to maintenance.

Our Offerings


Access to virtual computing resources.


Computing environments for your system.


Access software on the internet.


Failover from disaster.

Challenges in Managing a Cloud Service

Why MB Cloud?

We regularly analyse your utilisation and propose an optimised environment to minimise your expense.
Human-touch support is accessible instead of dealing only with dashboards, settings, youtube tutorials and FAQs.
Data is highly secured and stored
We maintain and manage your cloud infrastructure for you.

Free consultation on setting up your MB Cloud infra