MB Evergreen

On-Premise Infra for Rent

An on-premise private cloud with an affordable pay-per-use model

Servers with pre-installed virtual machines.

24/7 server health

Benefits of using MB Evergreen

Data On Premise

Keep your data on-site.

High touch

We have experts to guide you all along the way from setup to maintenance.


Computing power without relying on internet bandwidth.


Build base upon your requirement.

Considering to purchase your own IT infra?

A computing infrastructure setup requires technical and IT architecture acumen.
Lump sum capital expense needs to be forked out.
Technical resources needs to be employed for monitoring, maintenance and upgrade.
Disposal of assets needs to be handled in the future.

What makes MB Evergreen better?

The MB Evergreen advantage

Human-touch support accessible for design, maintenance, backups, patches and updates.
Remote monitoring for performance and security.
Affordable monthly expense instead of a lump sum capital expenditure.
Utilisation analysis for an optimised environment to minimise your expense.

Which package is right for you?

Inquire or ask for a free consultation on setting up MB Evergreen for you.