MB Hybrid

Lowest Cost Cloud Strategy

MB Hybrid is a Computing As-A-Service solution which includes consulting, infrastructure, support and optimization services to get the best placement for your enterprise data that is aligned to your business needs.

MB Evergreen

Keep medium to large workloads with sensitive business data on your premise.

Public Cloud

Host workload meant for public-facing users that is scalable to business needs.

MB Cloud

An Opex Model solution that follows local compliance and regulatory requirements.

MB Hybrid Features


We assess your current environment, pinpoint areas of potential cost savings and identify the right cloud model.


We design a migration methodology that continues to lower costs through refinement of the migration process.

Operate & Support

We leverage on our expertise in operation and support SOP to manage your total environment and achieve SLA.

Optimise Consumption

We analyse and determine necessary usage and continuously improve automation.

Challenges In Finding The Right Cloud Solution

Over-spending due to inefficient cloud placement of different data sets.
Difficulty identifying which data are sensitive and which are not.
Having trouble to efficiently provision workload according to business needs.
Not knowing whether your cloud environment setup complies with regulations.

Why MB Hybrid?

Lowest TCO

We make it our mission to continuously optimise the Total Cost of Operations of your cloud environment.


We ensure local industry compliance and regulations are met.


We work with you to understand your Business goals and propose the right solution.


We utilise automation scripts to minimise dependency on repetitive task.

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