Malaysian Obstetric
Monitoring System
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Every Mother's Digital Pink Book

Bye-bye pink book, welcome MyMOMS

The pregnancy progress of every expectant mother in Malaysia is captured and logged into a clinician's pink book and a copy is shared with the expectant mother. MyMOMS serves the purpose of bringing the pink book into the 21st century by digitalising the pink book and thus provide a better experience for the obstetrician as well as the parent. MyMOMS is a mobile app that serves as a comprehensive antenatal digital logbook for the benefit of the mother and the clinician.

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Reduce reliance on a physical book.
No more physical storage of pink books required on premise.
Eliminate redundant entry-effort into both mother and clinic's copy.
Patient diary. Self-log entries (e.g. patient diet, child movement patterns).


Localised digital growth chart

HL7 compliant


Investigation progress & results.
Precautions in patient management.
Medical conditions (allergies, medication, pre-existing).
Patient diary visible by doctors remotely.


Alerts and Notification

Alerts and test results notification.


Doctor availability and bookings.




Patient - Doctor interaction.

Physical Book vs MyMOMS

Challenges in maintaining pregnancy "Pink Books" the paper-based way​

Advantages of MyMOMS, the Digital Pink-Book way

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