Introducing XyberGuard - Stopping Threats So You Can Move Forward

XyberGuard provides cybersecurity monitoring services to detect threats fast and ensure least exposure to harmful cyber threats.

NextGen Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Cyber Secured with XyberGuard

Fast Detection

Quickest to identify, understand and eliminate threats.


A.I.Threat mapping to avoid overlapping threat responses.


Security Orchestration Automated Response (SOAR) without human assistance.


Skilled security engineers working round-the-clock.

XyberGuard is The NextGen of Cybersecurity

We utilise Artificial Intelligence to enable fastest detection of threats.
This is how:

Step 1 - Triage

Ability to filter out 3 times unneccessary alerts.

Step 2 - Analyse

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) research to uncover root cause.

Normal SOC
15 - 40 Mins

< 1 Mins

Step 3 - Validate

Filter real threats against false positives.

Normal SOC
5 - 10 Mins

5 - 10 Mins

Step 4 - Recommend

Experts combine A.I. reports and experience to design recommendation.

Normal SOC
10 - 20 Mins

10 - 20 Mins

Step 5 - Notify

Issue ticket and inform customer.

Total time consumed

Total Normal SOC
30 - 70 Mins

Total Xyberguard
15 - 30 Mins

Overall response speed is faster by 50% when compared to conventional security screening.

Why Speed Matters

Case study : Ransomware Threat Timeline

1 - Spread

Malware PC infections are contagious by the second.

2 - Extract

Thousands of file exfiltrations can happen by the minute.

3 - Locked

File encryption happens within less than an hour.
Every second counts. Stop it FAST!

XyberGuard, Security Done The Right Way

Mesiniaga's XyberGuard Playbook - Tailored Fast Response.

Our established security response playbook enables us to excel in providing enterprise grade security. Every threat response guide is tailor-made to suit your I.T. environment.

Customised to your IT environment.
Detailed and easy instructions.
Tools recommendation.

Confidence in Mesiniaga's XyberGuard Stack

Technology Partners:


ITIL Framework,
ISO/IEC 27001.


Certified Information Systems Professional,
Certified information Systems Auditor,
Certified Information Security Manager.

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