Take Control Your Uptime

Monitor the health of your network devices, servers and other critical equipment, and avoid problems such as unexpected downtime, service outages and depleted consumables before they occur.

Monitor devices

Detailed health view of network devices, servers and other devices in a glance.

Prevent downtime

Be alerted of potential failures that can lead to downtime, service outages and low consumable levels.

NetSysCare delivers value

Get support from local experts

With over 40 years of expertise, Mesiniaga has a pool of local experts to analyse your IT infra, monitor performance, and recommend to you what you can do to keep your lights on.

Monitor at the highest level

Be appraised of system health, equipment loads, and consumable usage of not only network devices, but also other vital equipment like kiosks, smart projectors, printers and Smart TVs.

Only pay for what you need

We only charge on devices that are subscribed into our service, so feel free to scale monitoring up and down based on your needs.

Every IT department needs NetSysCare

Without NetSysCare

With NetSysCare

Getting NetSysCare is easy

1. Get Assessed

Our team of experts will review your equipment and recommend the best way to monitor your IT infra health.

2. Start Monitoring!

NetSysCare will monitor your services in real-time. From the data we gather, we will provide alerts and recommendations based on your needs. Find out about failures as early as possible, before they happen!

Want to know more? Reach out to us to schedule an appointment with our experts: