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Project Management With Mesiniaga

Large scale deployment of IT initiatives requires meticulous planning and precision in execution to ensure that the project is delivered within the planned time and budget with the right balance of resources. Venturing forward without professional execution strategies is a setup for deployment disaster causing additional expenses to salvage the project.

Mesiniaga leverages upon our shared experiences in deploying and managing large scale projects across a range of customer segments. This allows us to understand how best to organise, communicate and plan your project deliverables. We use our vast experiences in project management to keep aware of any pitfall signs so that your project gets delivered successfully.


Local Experts

Leverage on our extensive relationship with major principals and experience within the Malaysian IT ecosystem.

Certified Personnel

Certified project managers with a history of over 40 years delivering large, complex projects successfully.

Track Record

100% Project Delivery Track Record. No project is deemed too tough to handle.

Proven Methods

Utilise Project Management Industry standards - PMBOK, and PRINCE2.

We adhere to proven methodologies

Our Offerings

Project management services for small scale deployments or full fledged Project Management Office (PMO) for any large scale projects.

Solution Integration

System Migration

Software Development

Hardware & Software Deployment

Our Approach

Project Planning

We provide strategic planning and deliver professional documentation of our project plans. This ensures smooth coordination between stakeholders throughout the execution.

Cost Management

We control and manage cost at all stages of a project. Our cost management services include resource planning, cost estimating, cost budgeting and cost control.

Schedule Management

We control costs and avoid scheduling conflicts. Our scheduling system optimises productivity, reduce financial penalties, coordinates better supply chain management and improve financial planning.

Scope Management

We provide detailed documentation that outlines the goals, deadlines and relationships of the project. This reduces the risk of change orders and disruptions, while staying on budget.

Quality Management

We ensure that stakeholders work together to improve the company’s processes, products and services. We cultivate a quality driven culture that will achieve long term success.

Safety and Risk Program Management

We run reactive, proactive and predictive risk management to forecast future and potential risk occurrences and manage the unexpected.

Should you manage projects yourself?

If you have plans to run project management on your own, be ready to:

  1. Coordinate timelines to suit all parties involved.
  2. Manage expectations of other business units.
  3. Be responsible and accountable in the distribution of resources, tasks and setting deadlines.
  4. Be constrained by dependencies to complete tasks.
  5. Uncover and manage scope creeps.
  6. Have contingency plans ready in case of natural disasters and setbacks.
  7. Be accountable on meeting time and budget. 
Work with Mesiniaga, your trusted and experienced partner

1. Assurance that the project will be managed by experienced hands.

2. Communication, coordination, updates on project status and early sighting of potential red flags.

3. Familiarity in attending to difficult situations based on collective experience.

4. Structured approach using right methodologies, certified personnel and good communication skills.

5. Expertise and established relationships with major product principals that reduces technical, commercial and implementation frictions during execution.

Our Major Customers

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