MIMS is a centralised managed service that offers businesses a comprehensive solution via a shared services approach, efficiently managing customers’ IT infrastructure, applications, and services from a centralised platform.

Centralised managed services are crucial for supporting diverse technologies, maintaining the highest service levels, reducing downtime, optimising costs, and enabling organisations to focus on their core objectives without being burdened by complex IT management tasks.

Centralised Managed Services

Remote Desktop

24/7 Service Desk Support

Cloud Management

Onsite Support (EUC)


39+ Supported Infra Software

Service Delivery Manager

ITSM Tools

Asset Management


Disaster Recovery Simulation

MIMS chart


The objectives for implementing MIMS typically revolve around enhancing efficiency, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness in IT operations.

Streamline Operations

Helps standardise processes, shares best practices, improves coordination, and optimises resources

Improved Service Level

Ensures all departments and locations receive the same high-quality service and support

Reduce Cost

Economies of scale, lower & predictable costs and reduced maintenance overhead


Improve Resource Management


Cost Optimisation

Enhance Security and Compliance

Scalability and Flexibility

More Technology Covered

Our Services



Server & Storage

Software Infra

Business Application

End User Computing

Service Desk 24/7

Incident Management, Service Request, Problem Management and Change Management.

Service Delivery Manager

Ensuring overall service deliverables according to SOW and SLA defined, managing performance and escalations.

NOC Powered by NetSysCare

NetSysCare, Mesiniaga's IT monitoring tool, employs predictive and prescriptive technology, prioritising prevention over cure.

Security Operation Centre (SOC)

To identify, protect, detect, respond and recover threats.

Service Delivery Manager

Managing and optimising cloud computing resources and services.

Asset Management

Managed and leading asset life.


  1. Mesiniaga has established the future of IT Managed Services with MIMS – Mesiniaga Integrated Managed Services.
  2. With MIMS, IT operations will be optimised, standardised, providing the highest service level and ensuring a safe and healthy operating environment.
  3. MIMS can optimise IT operation costs with a minimum saving of 20%.
  4. Transitioning from the current IT operation to MIMS will take less than 3 months.
  5. During the transition from current support to MIMS, Mesiniaga will manage customers’ existing IT operation resources by redeploying to the centralised support pool.
  6. MIMS supports a multi-technology environment.
  7. MIMS operation is based on IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices.

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