Mesiniaga’s structured change management approach helps you navigate changes invoked by a new project, process or strategy implementation.  Our change management team will initiate early engagement with project stakeholders and ensure users are well prepared for a successful change adoption. This ensures that project outcomes are realised beyond successful implementation and all the way through to active user utilisation. 

Our Features

Maximise Returns

Ensure new systems, solutions or products are accepted by internal users.

Harmonise Initiatives

Understand how initiatives fit within your organisation and avoid overlaps and competing functions.

Access End Users

Reach the right end users effectively and acquire early feedback to reduce resistance.

Change Management With Mesiniaga

Resistance from users will be managed​ early to ensure high acceptance.

Proven methodologies to ensure end-to-end acceptance.

Change agents within your organisation will be empowered as change ambassadors.

Alliances will be formed with influencers and resistive users within your user group.

Our Approach

Start Early

Our CM methodology requires early involvement during project deployment.


We plan and work closely with your team.


We help elicit user feedback and pre-empt resistance effectively.


We ensure project acceptance is assimilated with existing processes.


We adopt a proven Change Management methodology - ADKAR by Prosci.

Understand more about the ADKAR model from Prosci here

Change Management Done Right



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Frequently asked questions

Organizations implement change for various reasons, such as for better product or service quality, improved quality of life, revenue growth and reduced risk exposure. 

Any project that directly impacts the way employees or organizations work (current state) and requires them to transform, embrace, adopt and use new ways of doing work (future state) requires a structured change management effort.


A budget estimation depends on the scale and complexity of your project and various other factors: 

  1. nature of change,
  2. number of impacted groups,
  3. geographical distribution and
  4. whether your organization has Change Management capabilities or dedicated resources.

PROSCI Data-Driven research indicates that as a rule-of-thumb, an average of 10-15% of the project budget should be allocated to Change Management.

To initiate, a preliminary assessment is required to determine the need for Change Management and whether the change initiative will permeate every business unit and impact large factions of employees. This assessment will help you identify the new capabilities and competency required to carry out an effective Change Management.

This requires an interview session with your project committee to fulfil the contents of the assessment.

Kindly reach out to Mesiniaga Change Management team to help you conduct the preliminary assessment to determine the need for Change Management.

As per PROSCI best practice, among the greatest contributors to the success of the change implementation is to start all efforts from the beginning of the project. This allows for the merging of the work streams and aids in the creation of a unified driving force for the change.

With earlier engagement of Mesiniaga Change Management Services, you can eliminate rework, create consistency in change communication and reduce employee resistance throughout the implementation of change.


Engage Mesiniaga Change Management Services to help you develop detailed Change Management plans consisting of stakeholder analysis and resistance management plans which can help your organization prevent roadblocks from the start.

We can help you implement change, ensuring your organization realises your unique vision of a different and a brighter future with a structured and suitable Change Management approach.