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Book like a boss

Chup For Merchants is a mobile app for your customers to book appointments within a few clicks.

Whether you are running a barber shop, a beauty salon, a yoga gym or any business that serve customers within a set of time slots, then Chup is the app for you.

How Chup helps with bookings

No more queues.

Show available booking slots online.

Track number of daily visitors.

Manage bookings efficiently so that no customer is turned away.

Booking practices to avoid.

Using Social Media for bookings - FB, IG or Whatsapp

- Cannot differentiate between messages and bookings.
- Need to enter booking details into a separate worksheet or book.
- Unaware when a booking request comes in.
- Need to check manually with staff on availability.

Asking for Customer's phone number

Customers may be put off from making a booking and will not feel secure in disclosing their phone number.

Allowing staff to create booking entries

Potential for booking clashes when a staff forgets to update the booking worksheet or book.

Customers can book from home without exposing their phone number.
A single place to showcase and manage available booking slots.
Quickly review and approve bookings and notify automatically.
Set reminders for customers on their appointments.

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